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powerpoint practice DMV examination for car dealer license applicants:

5 helpful tips for getting your DMV wholesale car dealer license

  1. Sign up for our 6 hour Car Dealer Pre-Licensing Class. Follow the steps that you are taught, and then get approved by the California DMV as a wholesale dealer.
  2. Utilize the Web. Did you know that most wholesale dealers search the internet prior to purchasing a vehicle? A good wholesaler will recognize a low priced car at auction buy it and resell it a week later at the same auction.
  3. Keep in mind that delivery of the vehicle to the buyer must occur at the sellers licensed location. Some wholesalers will buy seasoned stock ( vehicles which are front line ready on a retailers lot but approaching 60 days in inventory ) and swap them out for vehicles freshly obtained. This allows the used car sales manager to restart the clock on that seasoned stock. These deals are often done book for book, the wholesaler ends up with added value. In a front line ready car the wholesaler can sell to another dealer, but it will often take a series of these book for book trades before you can actually see profits. Many small used car lots do not have the time to go to auction. A good wholesaler can stock these smaller lots and make a small profit on each car.
  4. Don’t ever consign a vehicle to another dealer. The wholesale license is a good starting place for the beginner; lesser bond, easier zoning and access to the market. Dealer plates and insurance are included in the wholesale package but as a wholesaler one can only buy and sell within the industry. That means as a wholesaler you can sell only to other dealers, there is no buying off the street. If and when a wholesaler has a vehicle to sell to the public he/she may draft that sale through a licensed retailer, this is call this a drafted sale.
  5. Remember the drafted sale creates liability for the retailer. Typical draft fee is $ 500. We advise the following: no loss selling ( wholesaler must sell higher than acquisition cost ), smog safety and verification provided by wholesaler, wholesaler as contact person on the buyers guide, statement from wholesaler assuming all liability if customer is not happy. Then the retailer collects and pays all taxes and fees, and sends the documents to DMV for processing.


  • Wholesale Dealers cannot sell to the Public (only to other Car Dealers).
  • Wholesale Car Dealers have a lower bond requirement and spend less on insurance.
  • When selling to the public you must use a Drafted Sale.
  • Wholesale dealers provide a much needed asset to the retail car market. Wholesalers provide cars to retail dealers and often facilitate trades among dealers. A good car buyer will make a little on each car (perhaps $ 300), but can only sell up to 24 cars in one year.

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Sources and Citations

downloadable dmv handbooks for becoming licensed

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view, fill out and print forms. To incorporate the latest accessibility features download of the latest version of Acrobat Reader may be required. If you have problems with Acrobat Reader see the Adobe Troubleshooting page for possible solutions.


More Vehicle Industry Handbooks

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California DMV Car Dealer Plate Rules


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Dealer License Pros  ( Scam )

Your Auto Dealership ( Scam )

National Dealer License ( Scam )

Auto Dealer License USA ( Scam )

DLC Network ( Scam )

Car Profit ( Scam )

FL Motors ( Scam )

Auto Income ( Scam )

Auto Auction Consulting ( Scam )

Flipping Autos ( Scam )

Delaware Wholesaler ( Scam )

Indiana Wholesale Dealers ( Scam )

Indiana Dealer Offices ( Scam )

One Stop Auto Wholesalers ( Scam )


most of the bad actors belong to this organization

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got broker ???…..get louie bookout…..CBS

Los Angeles is filled with the world’s most fascinating jobs. It is the mecca of the entertainment industry where you can find yourself at a bar having a drink next to some really interesting people. From models to aspiring actors, musicians, agents, chauffeurs, personal assistants, all provide the backdrop to amazing stories. There is one person that truly has the most interesting job. Meet Louie Bookout.


Louie Bookout of Celebrity Business Services

Starting Small but Dreaming Big

Most people first met Louie Bookout on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listings when he delivered a Mercedes to the house of celebrity Real Estate Broker Chad Rogers. What most viewers didn’t know is that Louie Bookout has been providing elite Los Angeleans hard-to-find luxury cars for years.

Bookout began his company, Celebrity Business Services, 17 years ago. Celebrity Business Services is a thriving private car dealer in a world where the words car dealer and thriving are almost never used in the same sentence. It has been nearly 30 years since Bookout came to Los Angeles to make some quick money in order to get another business started. He left the business for a short time, only to return when he realized he loved working in the car industry. Bookout began his auto sales career working at a Mercedes dealership. He started as a sales representative, moved on to sales manager, then was in line for a general manager. He dreamed of owning his own dealership someday.

One of the buyers at Bookout’s dealership was an auto broker, meaning he was a middle man between the dealership and car buyers. Many of the broker’s clients were in the entertainment industry. Bookout noticed this man did not always seem happy, and was many times very grumpy. Even while grumpy, he still managed to sell 20 cars per month. “He was selling 20 cars a month, I figured that if I was doing the same thing, with a better attitude, I could sell 40 cars a month.” Today, in the midst of a tough economy, Bookout is doing just that. He estimates he sells approximately 40 to 50 cars per month. The cars he provides range from MercedesBMWs, and Bentleys, toRolls-Royce and Range Rovers. His clients are generally in the entertainment industry, from actors and actresses to agents, business managers, and accountants to the stars. It is safe to assume that Bookout’s rolodex is a who’s who of Hollywood’s Power Players.

Servicing Hollywood’s A-List

With that kind of client list, one would expect not to have many headaches over business. And there aren’t. “Many of my clients have business managers or accountants that handle where the money is going. The biggest hurdles are when I get a referral from one of my clients and the new client isn’t as established and they don’t have handlers yet. They still handle all of there own financial responsibilities. Many times those people don’t use me the way they need to.” Bookout looks out for his clients’ best interests. He will give them advice to help figure out what is the best deal for them. He also looks out for his relationships and his client list is very private. He guards that list like a lion and won’t dish any celebrity dirt. The only way to know if a person is a client of Bookout’s is if the car has his customized logo of a B with wings attached on the license plate holder. In one way he has built a brand, but also an elite club that few have access to.

No Advertising Necessary

From his first client to today, Louie still has never done any advertising or marketing. You won’t find a web site containing information about Celebrity Buying Services. You  won’t even find his office hours posted anywhere because he doesn’t have specific times that he works. Everything is word of mouth. He estimates that his retention rate is approximately 85%. It is the “Louie process” that sells. Clients simply call and request the type of car that they want. They may tell him certain options they prefer, whether or not they exist. From there Bookout handles everything. He finds the car whether it is in Los Angeles, or Cleveland, and coaches his clients on cost and financing options. He handles all of the paperwork, and in the end, delivers the car to their home or office. All of this service at no additional cost to his customer. For that he relies on his relationships with the dealerships.

There are only a handful of private car dealers such as Louie’s Bookout’s Celebrity Buying Services and Bookout is the only one who sells nationwide. While he calls Los Angeles home, he has clients in New York, Miami, Tennessee, and is even making a name for himself with elite casino executives in Las Vegas.

Bookout feels blessed with the success that Celebrity Buying Services has had and has maintained over a 17 year period. He knows he is fortunate that he doesn’t have to wake up and go to a dealership every morning. “The world is my dealership” is what Bookout says. He can research and get information over the internet. With technology today, all that is needed is a cell phone, fax machine, and the internet. The biggest reason for his success is because he has followed the path of doing what he loves. “Do what you love to do. If you took money out of the equation, what would you want to do for a living?” Bookout pondered that question and followed that path, learning he indeed could make a living out of doing what he loved.

here are a few answers for car dealers requesting dmv auction access


Please review the following links for the latest AuctionACCESS® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)AuctionACCESS Membership FAQ

AuctionACCESS Card FAQ

What do I get for my AuctionACCESS membership?

  • Simplified registration at more than 210 wholesale auctions and online channels across North America
  • A more secure buy and sell environment, with access limited to licensed, registered dealers and their authorized representatives
  • Exclusive offers from participating auction companies and locations
  • View registration status online, add or remove representatives on your account at any time
  • Free access to your AuctionACCESS account via myACCESS at
  • Exclusive offers through our affiliated programs. For the current list of offers click here.


What additional affiliated programs/discounts can we expect from our AuctionACCESS membership?

New AuctionACCESS membership benefits and amenities from affiliate partners and participating auction companies will be added continually. AutoTec is currently investigating programs to assist our members with shipping, guidebooks, and advertising among other things.

For the latest, login to myACCESSsm at
If you do not have a myACCESSsm login, activation is easy and free with your paid membership.


Where can I get more information?

More information can be found at
or feel free to call an AutoTec Customer Service Representative toll-free M-F, 6am to 7pm CST at 800-665-2133 in the U.S., 205-414-2700 outside the U.S.


Where can I use my AuctionACCESS card?

You can use your AuctionACCESS card at over 210 auctions in North America. Use our map to find the one closest to you!


I have an AuctionACCESS card, does that mean I’m registered at all auctions?

Your AuctionACCESS card simplifies the registration process at all participating auctions. However, since each auction operates independently they each have their own business procedures and requirements. In order to register with a new auction you plan to visit please choose one of the following three options:

  • Pre-Register with the auction by using myACCESSsm.
  • Contact the auction you wish to attend prior to the sale and provide them with your AuctionACCESS number.
  • Register with the auction on the day of the sale using your AuctionACCESS card.


My AuctionACCESS card doesn’t work, what should I do?

There are several reasons that an AuctionACCESS card might stop working. They include:

  • You are not registered at the auction at which you are trying to use the card. In this case, you will need to stop by Dealer Registration so that the auction can activate you.
  • The Dealer License or other required document for your dealership has expired since your last visit to an auction. Some auctions will temporarily deactivate a dealership under these conditions. Stop by Dealer Registration to resolve the situation.
  • Your status at the auction will not permit you to buy or sell until speaking with an auction representative in Dealer Registration. Stop by Dealer Registration to resolve the situation.
  • You’ve reported the card lost or stolen. If you find a card that you had previously reported as lost or stolen, throw it away and wait for your new card. A lost card is permanently deactivated immediately upon AutoTec’s notification of a lost or stolen card.
  • The magnetic stripe on the back of the card is dirty. An alcohol swab will clean the stripe and usually resolves this problem.
  • The magnetic stripe has been demagnetized. You will need to request a new card. You can do this in any auction’s Dealer Registration department.


Why do you require a form of photo identification?

One of the outcomes of the tragedy of September 11th has been an increased government requirement for businesses to “know their customers”. To assist our customers with this requirement, we require a valid form of photo identification to help them recognize their buyers and sellers. Using the photo as well as the identification number from the photo identification provides the auction with the information they need to stay in government compliance. It also helps protect you against possible identity theft. Valid forms of photo identification are a state or province issued driver’s license, a state or province issued “official identification” card, a U.S., Canadian or Mexican passport, or a Mexican voter registration card.


Is it safe to use this site for my personal information?

myACCESSsm uses an industry standard encryption scheme for all your information. Encryption helps protect your private information so that a third party cannot read it. Encryption is the scrambling of information for online transmissions back and forth between two points. AutoTec’s goal is to keep your information safe. When you fill out an online registration form or provide personal information, you transmit this information to AutoTec over the Internet. Accessing your AuctionACCESS dealership or representative information online also involves Internet transmissions between your computer and AutoTec. All online transmissions are encrypted. The effectiveness or level of security, for encryption is measured in terms of bits. 128-bit encryption is the industry standard encryption scheme currently in use. myACCESSsm requires a browser that can support 128-bit encryption.


I’m not comfortable providing my information over the Internet. What should I do?

You can either visit any of our subscribing auctions and register there, or contact one of our Customer Service Representatives by phone at 800-665-2133 (from the US or Canada)
or 205-414-2700.


My dealership information is all wrong. What should I do?

You can choose any one of three solutions for this problem:

  • Correct the information online by using myACCESSsm.
  • Contact our Customer Service Department by phone at 800-665-2133 (from the US or Canada)
    or 205-414-2700.
  • Request assistance at any of our subscribing customer locations.


My personal information is all wrong. What should I do?

You can choose any one of three solutions for this problem:

  • Correct the information online by using myACCESSsm.
  • Contact our Customer Service Department by phone at 800-665-2133 (from the US or Canada)
    or 205-414-2700.
  • Request assistance at any of our subscribing customer locations.


My name is spelled wrong on my card. What should I do?

Use myACCESSsm to correct your name. Be sure to request a new card after making the correction. The new card will be sent to the auction you specified for delivery within 2 weeks.

Request assistance at any of our subscribing customer locations.


learn the auction game from ADESA car dealer auto auction

ADESA Offers you more than one way to purchase vehicles. Visit one of our auction locations, or buy online.

We have two types of online vehicle auctions:

    • Bid now auctions take place on ADESA OpenLane. These special events are scheduled in advance and have set start and end times. At the end of the time period, the highest bid wins.
  • ADESA LiveBlock lets you bid against other dealers who are physically at a live auction. With our real-time audio visual feeds, it’s a great way to attend a car auction online, without leaving your office or home.

But there’s more—if neither of these online vehicle auctions work for you, you can still buy cars 24/7 for a set sale price with our buy now feature on OpenLane.

New to ADESA? Register now to access Bid or Buy on
Already a registered user? Log in to use Bid or Buy on

car dealer application for auction access

Dealer Registration Forms

ADESA auctions are for registered wholesale automotive dealers only, closed to the public. Each dealer has to be registered at an ADESA auction before receiving a bid badge or buying cars online.

Below you will find a series of Web pages, links and printable files that will assist you with the process of registering at your local ADESA Auction facility. Several of these files have been created with Adobe Acrobat for security reasons. To view these files you must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer installed on your computer. If you do not have this program you candownload a free version. These files may also be obtained at your local ADESA auction.

In addition to completing and submitting the required dealer registration forms listed below, please provide copies of the following documents:

  • State dealer’s license or equivalent required state document
  • Current dealer bond, if required by your state
  • Current sales tax certificate
  • Copy of a voided company business check
  • Current salesperson’s license for each representative, if required by your state

Each representative will need to go to the Dealer Registration counter at one of our auctions to have their current driver’s license scanned into Auction ACCESS. If the representative plans to buy online only, please provide a legible copy of their current driver’s license.

ALL of the ADESA and Auction ACCESS forms listed below are required in order to register and participate either online or at any of our U.S. whole car auctions.

Required ADESA Forms:

MTC (Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate)
Personal Guaranty
Power of Attorney
Title Handling Form
IRS W-9 Form
US Auction Policy (Terms & Conditions)
NAAA Arbitration Policy
ADESA As-Is Policy
ADESA Post Sale Inspection Policy

Required Auction Access Forms:

Please download the following forms from the Auction Access website.

  • Application
  • Bank Authorization Letter
  • Dealership Credit Information Form
  • Individual Authorization Letter
  • Dealer Authorization/Removal Letter

After completing the documents, please fax or mail them to the dealer registration department at one of the ADESA auctions you would like to attend. You can obtain address, phone and fax contact information using the ADESA Auction List.

dmv auction access application

Download Forms

car dealer musical chairs…..the music has stopped…..make sure you are certified ( red flag rules )


can you afford a data breach ???

the california attorney general announced the formation of the privacy unit

specifically designed to enforce state and federal identity theft laws


rule # 1 for car dealers offering credit



we offer a complete compliance solution for $ 500.



car dealers…..AG to begin red flag rules enforcement

SACRAMENTO – Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced the creation of the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit in the Department of Justice which will focus on protecting consumer and individual privacy through civil prosecution of state and federal privacy laws.

“In the 21st Century, we share and store our most sensitive personal information on phones, computers and even the cloud. It is imperative that consumers are empowered to understand how these innovations use personal information so that we can all make informed choices about what information we want to share,” said Attorney General Harris. “The Privacy Unit will police the privacy practices of individuals and organizations to hold accountable those who misuse technology to invade the privacy of others.”

The California Constitution guarantees all people the inalienable right to privacy. The Privacy Unit will protect this constitutionally-guaranteed right by prosecuting violations of California and federal privacy laws. The Privacy Unit centralizes existing Justice Department efforts to protect privacy, including enforcing privacy laws, educating consumers and forging partnerships with industry and innovators.

The Privacy Unit’s mission to enforce and protect privacy is broad. It will enforce laws regulating the collection, retention, disclosure, and destruction of private or sensitive information by individuals, organizations, and the government. This includes laws relating to cyber privacy, health privacy, financial privacy, identity theft, government records and data breaches. By combining the various privacy functions of the Department of Justice into a single enforcement and education unit with privacy expertise, California will be better equipped to enforce state privacy laws and protect citizens’ privacy rights.

The Privacy Unit will reside in the eCrime Unit and will be staffed by Department of Justice employees, including six prosecutors who will concentrate on privacy enforcement. Joanne McNabb, formerly of the California Office of Privacy Protection, will serve as the Director of Privacy Education and Policy, and will oversee the Privacy Unit’s education and outreach efforts.

Protecting the privacy of Californians is one of Attorney General Harris’s top priorities. The creation of the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit follows the forging of an industry agreement among the nation’s leading mobile and social application platforms to improve privacy protections for consumers around the globe who use apps on their smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The platform companies who signed on to that agreement — Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook, Google Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Microsoft Corporation and Research in Motion Limited — agreed to privacy principles designed to bring the industry in line with California law requiring apps that collect personal information to post a privacy policy and to promote transparency in the privacy practices of apps.

Attorney General Harris established the eCrime Unit in 2011 to prosecute identity theft, data intrusions, and crimes involving the use of technology. The eCrime Unit provides investigative and prosecutorial support to the five California regional high-tech task forces funded through the High Technology Theft Apprehension and Prosecution Trust Fund Program and provides coordination for out-of-state technology-crime investigation requests. The eCrime Unit also develops and provides training for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, the judiciary and the public on cyber safety and the importance of strong information-security practices.

The February 2012 press release announcing the apps agreement can be found here:

The June 2012 press release announcing that Facebook joined the apps agreement can be found here:

The December 2011 press release announcing the creation of the eCrime Unit can be found here:

# # #

wanna get licensed quickly ??? get zoning, get bonded then roll your fingerprints





dmv approved car dealer vehicle history providers


DMV Approved NMVTIS Data Providers

To search NMVTIS to find important vehicle condition and history information, please select an approved provider listed below.

Auto Data Direct, Inc. CARCO Group, Inc. DMVdesk® INSTAVIN RidgDig VinAudit Vin-Smart

Please note that when you select one of these providers, you are leaving the U.S. Department of Justice web site and accessing the web site of an approved NMVTIS Vehicle History Report vendor that has agreed to provide NMVTIS reports to the public consistent with federal legal requirements.

vinaudit is the car dealer carfax alternative

Sign up for a VinAudit Dealer Account

Please register here to receive a Dealer Account for bulk access to NMVTIS reports. For instant activation, please fill all required fields.

Your Name:
Business Name:
Full Address:
Zip Code:
Website (optional):
 I agree to the VA Partner Agreement.
 I agree to the NMVTIS Disclaimer.

how to guide for car dealers offering credit


Red Flag Rules for Auto Dealers

By Ellen Topness, eHow Contributor



Red Flag Rules for Auto Dealers thumbnail

An auto dealer must follow the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flags Rule.

The Federal Trade Commission drafted the Red Flags Rule to protect consumers and businesses from identity theft. Auto dealers are included in the group of businesses that are required to comply with this rule. It is designed to ensure that auto dealers can verify the identity of an individual who enters into a business relationship with them.

  1. Written Plan

    • An auto dealer must have a written plan to combat identity theft. This plan should include an employee training process to ensure all employees understand the Red Flags Rule and the company’s specific ID theft prevention plan.

    Red Flags

    • The auto dealer should list all possible warning signs that suggest identity theft. For help in this area, the Federal Trade Commission’s website offers lists of possible identity theft indicators. Examples of red flags include customers who present suspicious documents or personal information when purchasing a car. In the prevention plan, the dealer should include the methods that will be used to identify these flags and the procedure to follow when one is detected.


    • All red flags and responses to them must be documented in a client’s file.The type of documentation the dealer chooses to use for this purpose belongs in the prevention plan. The Red Flags Rule also requires auto dealers to update the prevention program to include new risks to consumers and dealers as they are identified.


    • An auto dealer should have its board of directors or a senior employee approve the plan and appoint an administrator of the program. The administrator will ensure compliance to avoid FTC fines and potential claims under the state’s unfair and deceptive practices laws.


Read more: Red Flag Rules for Auto Dealers |

secrets to the dmv car dealer license paperwork

the licensing secret tasks to complete


you take our car dealer class

we credit anderson

for such words of wisdom




then the

car dealer class

good luck



may i help you



copart salvage auto auctions…..the whole story

CoPart Salvage Auto Auction

allows anyone to acquire a vehicle from copart


resale of any vehicle for profit requires a dealer license

Ca DMV Car Dealer License Exclusions

Car Dealer School

take our car dealer license training


get licensed in 30 days


got plates logo3

go straight to our car dealer license school signup page

Car Dealer School

get licensed in 30 days


cds logo1

california car dealer insurance agent

von Arx Logo


General Liability – Commercial Property – Garage Liability – Commercial Auto – Umbrella & Excess

Worker’s Compensation – Professional Liability – Medical/Healthcare – Ocean Marine

Since 1985 we have provided affordable premiums with the correct coverage

for various business entities throughout California. We are experts in “problem solving”

for all lines of commercial coverages and specializing in challenging risks.

Receive service with your premium payments… Give us a call to see how we can help.

Direct 562.795.6611 x 14 | Fax 562.795.6655

Toll Free 800.986.6279 x 14 | Fax 800.818.1095

Jon L. von Arx,
President of J.L. von Arx & Associates Insurance Services

CA Lic. # 0702245


getting bonded is important to getting licensed

Low Cost Wholesale Dealer Bond

please call


or visit

long beach #realcardealerschool

imagine a car dealer school

taught by real car dealers

we are the only ones with a

retail / autobroker car dealer license

who actually teach

dmv certified car dealer school

we are not attorneys

we are not selling forms

we are not bond agents

we do not sell insurance

we have no software for you

learn how to get licensed from the


classes in:


















car dealer fair market value label required for 2014

BHPH Dealer Requirements

The new legislation requires BHPH dealers, on every vehicle sold or leased, to:

Restrict the use of global positioning satellite (GPS) and starter interrupt devices,
unless the buyer has been advised. As with all consumer advisory requirements, the
department recommends the advisory statement be in writing and the buyer’s
signature is obtained on such written document.

Affix and prominently display a label on any used vehicle offered for retail sale that
states the reasonable market value of the vehicle. The label must meet all of the
following conditions:

—Printed with a heading in at least 16-point bold type that reads


with text at least 12-point type.

—Located adjacent to the Used Car Buyer’s Guide located prominently and
conspicuously on the vehicle so that it is readily readable.

—Identify all equipment included with the vehicle.

—Contain the information used to determine the reasonable market value of the
vehicle, including, but not limited to, the use of a nationally recognized pricing
guide for used vehicles.

—Contain the date the reasonable market value was determined.

—Indicate that the reasonable market value is being provided only for comparison
shopping and is not the retail sales price or the advertised price of the vehicle.


DMV Certified Car Dealer Education






the best car dealer class and the lowest price


Click on an city for class locations, times and information:

Private Classes for Renewal and Pre-License Students
We provide you the ability to operate your dealership within current DMV guidelines. You get to sit back and relax for 4 to 6 hours of dealer education (renewals 4 hr/ pre-licensing 6 hr). We will have you review your dealership with a series of questions and at the end of the course we will provide the course completion form.We teach private classes in all locations listed above as well as:

· Aptos
· Clovis
· Fresno
· Novato
· Ukiah

Prices for these classes:
1) $200 private renewal
2) $300 private pre-licensing

Additionally, we offer a “travel out” to your location
· the cost is $800 for up to three students, $200 for each additional student
· statewide coverage
· limited by our availability

Contact us for availability

Pre-License Only Class Options and Information:
· You must attend the class in person (6 hrs).
· You will study and take the DMV practice exam similar to the one given by your local inspector.
· A course certificate suitable for framing will be presented upon completion.
· Your certificate is good for one year.
· All materials are included.

Prices for these classes:
1) $100 – take our online tutorial before attending class & get $100.00 off your tuition
2) $200 – saves your seat
3) $300 – private pre-licensing class